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One of the distinguishing hallmarks of the Clavon Developer is the meticulous planning that has been invested in planning the layout of each individual unit. The Clavon Floor Plan features an attractive range of layouts across 1-bedroom to 5-bedroom units, designed for the maximum comfort and delight for its residents.

Every Clavon Floor Plan is likened to be customed designed for a specific segment of residents. The Clavon developer places high priority to understand the needs of the various groups of residents which spans from individuals to couples and all the way to multi-generational families. Special focus was given to every detail in the unit taking thorough consideration for the well-being of the residents of Clavon Condo. Each Clavon Floor Plan displays boldness and ingenuity in the design approach and space utilization to provide practical and purposeful layouts for its residents.

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1 Bedroom Plus Study

Type A1

Area: 49 sqm (527 sqft)

Units: #02-08 to #37-08

Mirror: #02-15 to #37-15

Clavon Floor Plan Type A1 1 Bedroom Plus Study


2 Bedroom Compact

Type B1

Area: 63 sqm (678 sqft)

Units: #02-02 to #36-02

Mirror: #02-12 to #36-12

Clavon Floor Plan Type B1 2 Bedroom Compact


2 Bedroom Premium

Type BP1

Area: 71 sqm (764 sqft)

Units: #02-06 to #37-06

Mirror: #02-17 to #37-17

Clavon Floor Plan Type BP1 2 Bedroom Premium

Type BP2

Area: 71 sqm (764 sqft)

Units: #02-03 to #36-03

Mirror: #02-11 to #36-11

Clavon Floor Plan Type BP2 2 Bedroom Premium

Type BP3

Area: 71 sqm (764 sqft)

Units: #02-07 to #37-07

Mirror: #02-16 to #36-16

Clavon Floor Plan Type BP3 2 Bedroom Premium


3 Bedroom Compact

Type C1

Area: 89 sqm (958 sqft)

Units: #02-01 to #36-01

Mirror: #02-13 to #36-13

Clavon Floor Plan Type C1 3 Bedroom Compact


3 Bedroom Premium

Type CP1

Area: 105 sqm (1,130 sqft)

Units: #02-09 to #37-09

Clavon Floor Plan Type CP1 3 Bedroom Premium

Type CP2

Area: 105 sqm (1,130 sqft)

Units: #02-10 to #36-10

Clavon Floor Plan Type CP2 3 Bedroom Premium


4 Bedroom

Type D1

Area: 119 sqm (1,281 sqft)

Units: #02-14 to #37-14

Clavon Floor Plan Type D1 4 Bedroom


4 Bedroom Plus Study

Type D2

Area: 126 sqm (1,356 sqft)

Units: #02-04 to #36-04

Clavon Floor Plan Type D2 4 Bedroom Plus Study


4 Bedroom Premium

Type DP1

Area: 147 sqm (1,582 sqft)

Units: #02-05 to #37-05

Clavon Floor Plan Type DP1 4 Bedroom Premium


5 Bedroom Premium

Type E1

Area: 157 sqm (1,690 sqft)

Units: #02-18 to #37-18

Clavon Floor Plan Type E1 5 Bedroom Premium

The Clavon Floor Plan features an ample selection of layouts to suit every requirement such as 1-bedroom with study, 2-bedroom, 2-bedroom premium, 3-bedroom, 3-bedroom premium, 4-bedroom, 4-bedroom premium, and 5-bedroom premium. The majority of the units are 3-bedroom configurations which are highly sought after by families. Given the Clavon Location is surrounded by renowned educational institutions, having a higher proportion of larger units makes the development attractive to families. Given the easy accessibility of Clavon Amenities can enjoy hassle-free daily travel to workplaces and schools.

In addition to 3-bedrooms, the Clavon Floor Plan also presents a good range of 2-bedroom layouts to accommodate smaller households such as 2 bedrooms with a single bathroom, and 2 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms.

Given the development is highly appealing to families, it is important to ensure there is a good distribution of space for every function. For example, the Clavon Floor Plan shows a generous living and dining area for families to come together for interaction and bonding with one another. As habits and behavior evolved due to the modern lifestyle, the layout of the home must also transform correspondingly.

Due to busy work schedules and the convenience of ordering food using mobile applications, many families may not be heavily utilizing their kitchens, especially on weekdays. As such, a large kitchen may not be a priority for some families. Similarly, the advancement of fast-drying and wrinkle-free fabrics has inspired designers to rethink the size of yards which has been an area traditionally designated for the drying of laundry.

Besides the consideration of the space allocated to different functions, the Clavon Floor Plan presents the creative design approach adopted by the design team to optimize available space while minimizing wastage, ensuring the layout of each unit is efficient and functional. Furthermore, Clavon Developer has provided a wide range of layouts to cater to the different needs of residents. Depending on the usage pattern of the households, residents can choose the type of kitchen design that is most suitable for them.

For residents who prefer light cooking, the open kitchen may be a good choice as the kitchen layout is optimised to provide essential functionality while additional space can be apportioned to the living, dining, and bedrooms especially for 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom configurations. For these compact units, the Clavon Floor Plan details how designers overcome the challenge of providing a fully equipped kitchen without compromising any essential functionalities.

For larger units such as 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom, the developer offers the enclosed kitchen concept which is more suitable for heavy-duty cooking. Through innovative layouts, Clavon developer is able to provide an optimum distribution of space within the kitchen for essential household appliances, work area for food preparation, area for washing and drying, and storage space for kitchen utensils.

Depending on individual requirements, residents can increase their living space by selecting layouts in the Clavon Floor Plan with additions such as a utility room, study area, extra bedroom, and even an additional washroom at the utility area. The utility room is generally preferred for larger families as it serves as a multipurpose room that can be used for storage or helper’s room.

In addition to providing well-designed layouts as depicted in the Clavon Floor Plan, the UOL Group is known for the quality fittings and finishing used in their developments. Some of their signature developments include Amber45, Avenue South Residence, The Tre Ver, Meyer House, and Principal Garden at Prince Charles Crescent. Quality fittings and finishing are the important elements that differentiate the development and enhances the overall living experience. This includes the types of flooring used for the living and dining area, the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

The choice of flooring will be a good balance of key attributes which includes aesthetic appeal, sensorial experience, durability, and ease of maintenance. Besides flooring, quality finishing can be applied to walls, ceiling, doors, and windows. In terms of fittings, residents can look forward to a quality range of air-conditioning units, built-in wardrobes, bathroom fittings, sanitary ware, kitchen cabinets, and appliances.

For the kitchen, the units will be fitted with custom built-in cabinets, worktops, complementary kitchen fittings, and essential appliances to ensure the units are ready for occupation without requiring many renovations except for lighting and curtains. The bathrooms are also fully furnished with quality sanitary wares, bathroom fittings, built-in cabinets, and appropriate flooring, ready for use upon collection of keys.

When selecting a layout, it is important to consider the availability of natural lighting and ventilation for the unit. Looking at both the Clavon Floor Plan and Clavon Site Plan, you can observe that the intent of the design team is to maximise the integration of the development with the natural surrounding, allowing the optimum amount of natural lighting and airflow within the units and also in the common areas.

With innovative designs tapping on natural light and wind, the development can promote environmental friendliness through the lowering of energy consumption required for lighting and ventilation. Being a leader in adopting environmentally responsible strategies, residents can envisage the Clavon developer to implement innovative eco-friendly designs and practices to help reduce the carbon footprint for the development.

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