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Clavon Showflat is created to provide a realistic depiction of future residents of what it is like to live in the development. With the help of top interior designers, the Clavon Location not only gives you a feel of the living space but also many creative ideas on how you can give your new home a unique personality and character and also how to maximize the space usage within the house.   

Among the layouts on display in the Clavon Showflat, without a doubt, the popular layouts would be the 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom.  Given the spacious design, the 2-bedroom with 2 bathroom layout will be very appealing to couples or even small families.  The unique layout provides a comfortable living space yet space-saving with functional rooms and no odd corners to handle. 

Many generally perceive that the 2-bedroom configuration is extremely space-constrained and it will not be a comfortable home at all.  However, through innovative design concepts, you will be surprised how designers are able to make breakthroughs in this challenging area.

Be prepared to be wowed by the 3-bedroom Clavon Showflat as you will simply be amazed by what the designers have done.   Despite the limitation of space, there is a very good balance of space used for living, dining, kitchen, and bedrooms.  The layout takes into consideration every bit of space usage such that none will go to waste.  Every inch of floor area has been made useful and functional.  One of the appeals of the 3-bedroom layout is the enclosed kitchen which is a great feature for larger families who would most likely have higher usage of the kitchen.

In order to better meet the individual need of different families, besides the 3-bedroom layout at the Clavon Showflat, there are also 3-bedroom options with a utility room, yard area, study area, and even a toilet in the utility area.  All these are to help families select the configurations that best meet their needs.

Another highlight for this development would be the 4-bedroom Clavon Showflat which is a spacious layout that is ideal for larger families.  With the trend of an aging population in Singapore, there is a growing proportion of senior citizens living with their children and the 4-bedroom layout is perfect for bringing all 3 generations under one roof.

Besides the different layouts in Clavon Showflat, some of the highlights include the spacious balcony and the generous width of the living room that gives the home a grand atmosphere.  Especially for residents on the higher floors, the generous balcony opens up the entire home to the unblock view of the surroundings, giving a breathtaking experience of living in the skies! 

With modern technology, many can extend their living room to the balcony with the use of motorized balcony blinds that can transform the balcony space into a functional enclosed space.  These blinds not only possess improved visibility so that natural light can penetrate through, it also provides weather protection from rain and sun.  In addition, it also provides privacy for the residents and it is easy to install, use, clean and maintain. 

On display at the Clavon Showflat are various kitchen concepts available such as the open kitchen, the enclosed kitchen, the dry kitchen, and the wet kitchen.  With so many different kitchen layouts, how do you select what is suitable for your family?  The smaller units such as 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom configurations usually feature the open concept kitchen.  The open kitchen is suitable for families who do occasional cooking or light cooking. 

More of the functional space is then distributed to the living area and the bedrooms.  For those who do heavy cooking or Asian cooking, they can opt for the enclosed kitchen which provides more functional space and also windows for ventilation.  The enclosed kitchen are available for larger configurations such as the 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom units.

Besides having well designed functional space, the kitchens in the Clavon Showflat are fully equipped with kitchen worktops, cabinets and appliances such as cooker hood and hob.  Thus residents who wish to move into the unit as soon as the development is completed do not need to spend additional time and money to renovate the kitchen.  Similarly, the bathrooms in the Clavon Showflat are fully furnished, providing move-in condition to future residents so that no additional renovation is required.  

To ensure there are ample brightness and ventilation in every unit, careful consideration was taken during the design process to ensure every layout has access to a good dose of natural lighting and ventilation.  A tour of Clavon Showflat will show that the positions of doors and windows are well-thought-out such that the unit will be bright and well ventilated for the comfort of its future residents.   

Besides the layout of different configurations, a visit to the Clavon Showflat will also give you many ideas on how to decorate your new home to give it a special look.  All the units are designed by renowned interior designers and are showcasing the latest trends in flooring, wall finishing, curtains, lighting, furniture and even color coordination ideas. 

Even if you decide not to renovate lavishly, the house will be in the move-in condition as it will be completed with air-conditioning units, flooring, furnished kitchens and bathrooms.  In addition, bedrooms will be equipped with air conditioning units and built-in wardrobes.  With all these provisions, moving into a new house will no longer be a hassle!

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