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Clavon Site Plan

Clavon Site Plan  – Given there are many private and public housing developments in Singapore, it is a very competitive market and every development will want to offer the most advanced design to draw potential buyers.  The Clavon Site Plan is crafted out on a large plot of land with a total land size of 178,064 square feet.  This generous plot is located along Clementi Avenue 1 which is an upcoming location for transformation per URA Masterplan 2019.  At present, Clement Canopy is the only private residential development by the same developer in the vicinity. 

From the architects’ perspective, there are many factors to consider when designing a private residential development.  If we survey the new public residential developments, we can observe there has been great improvements made in public housing today in the areas of the living environment, recreation and also landscaping.  For Clavon Site Plan, the emphasis extends beyond these fundamental attributes but also on environmental sustainability and other factors that can enhance the living experience in the new development. 

Clavon Site Plan

There are many factors to consider in designing the Clavon Site Plan.  Firstly it is important to determine where to position the 2 residential towers where each tower comprises 37 storeys and all together 640 residential units ranging from 1-bedroom to 5-bedroom units.  Being a high-rise development, one of the key attractions for high-rise living would be the unblocked view from the units especially the living room and the bedrooms.  Thus one of the key objectives for the Clavon Site Plan is to offer unblocked views for future residents living in both towers.  

Clavon View Of Surrounding

Besides the unblocked views of the surrounding skyline, many buyers today are desiring panoramic views in high rise living.  However, in order to provide panoramic views, the area must not be dominated by many high rise buildings.  As such, one of the benefits of the Clavon Site Plan is that this new development is located in an area where there are only 2 high rise towers, namely Clement Canopy.   As such, future residents in Clavon Condo will get to enjoy unblocked views from their homes.  

The second factor to consider when desiging the Clavon Site Plan is to ensure the residential units and the common areas have access to unhindered natural ventilation and natural lighting.  As Singapore is a tropical country that is generally hot and humid all year round, it is essential that the architectural design promotes the flow of cool air in and out of the development and prevents heat from being trapped in the units or common areas resulting in greenhouse effect.  

With the use of natural ventilation and natural lighting, the design of the Clavon Site Plan also encourages more environmental-friendly living.  A cooler living environment may reduce the need for air conditioning in homes and in common areas.  In addition, natural lighting also reduces the dependence on indoor lights and helps to conserve energy and promote environmental sustainability.  

For the local residents, the facing of the unit is an important criteria to consider when buying a house.  Though some buyers may have special requirements due to their personal beliefs and preferences for the Clavon Site Plan, the design objective is to provide residents on the lower floors with a delightful pool view and soothing view of the surrounding greenery landscape.  For residents of the higher floor, the design focuses on maximizing the unblocked view of the surroundings. 

One of the things that most city dwellers look forward to is to have a home amongst nature and greenery.  Singapore’s goal to be a garden city began about 4 decades ago when former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew identified the green factor being a competitive attribute for Singapore to attract foreign investments into the small nation.  With a lot of political will and hard work, the present government continues to pursue this goal relentlessly. 

Clavon Garden Pool View

The pursuit of greenery and nature is no longer isolated to public places but also in private spaces such as condominiums and apartments.  The Clavon Site Plan features designs for natural landscapes and greenery within the development to provide a beautiful natural living environment for its residents. 

In addition to the enchanting landscapes, the Clavon Site Plan presents a comprehensive list of facilities that caters to all age groups. There are ample amenities which include the state-of-the-art gym, the swimming pools, water play zones, outdoor dining pavilions, places for chilling out, the lounge area near the pool, reading areas amongst garden landscapes, the wellness zones, the sports area, family entertainment facilities and many more.  

In the older private residences, you will find that most of the facilities are usually located on the ground floor.  In addition, the residential blocks would usually surround the Clavon amenities which are located at the centre of development.  The Clavon Site Plan reflects a modern day design that weaves the facilities and landscapes into every part of the development. 

For example, instead of putting the focus on one big swimming pool, the development uses several interesting water features to adorn the entire landscape, giving the place a holiday resort atmosphere.  With the growing trend of dining at the balcony, there are many outdoor dining pavilions that are exciting venues for hosting families and friends amidst luscious landscapes and gardens.  

In addition to the breath of facilities across the development, you will find that facilities in the Clavon Site Plan have also scaled upwards for modern day high rise residences.  One of the best example is the design of sky gardens in the high rise towers that are open to all residents to enjoy the breathtaking views from an elevated point. 

In the past, only residents who are staying on higher floors can enjoy this privilege.  Today’s contemporary design features common recreational areas such as sky pools, sky gardens and venues for gatherings that offer an elevated experience of being up in the air surrounded by an awesome 360-degree view of the skyline.

Last but not least, the Clavon Site Plan also features a child care centre within the development which will be very appealing to young families.  Having a child care facility within the development would help save a lot of traveling time for working parents.  This can also be beneficial for working parents who need a conducive environment while working from home.

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Clavon Site Plan


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