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Clavon Unit Mix

Clavon Unit Mix

Clavon Unit Mix – Based on the Clavon Unit Mix, the developer offers a wide range of layouts to meet the different needs of the residents.  With the availability of 5 major types of units ranging from 1-bedroom to 5-bedroom, the development is able to meet the requirements of the single residents to small families and even multi-generational families.  

The 1-bedroom plus study units in the Clavon Unit Mix are highly sought after by investors looking for low quantum purchases to generate rental income.  By investing in a brand new 1-bedroom plus study unit, it is able to command a higher rental income than older properties.  As a result, the rental yield for new properties tends to be higher than the older ones.  Being located close to the city and several business parks such as One North, Science Park and even the Jurong Lake District, Clavon Condo can easily tap into the ready tenant pool which comprises the workforce from these places. 

In recent years, another trend is emerging with younger people investing in private property.  In the past, young people may not consider investing in a property until they plan to get married.  And even if they did plan to buy a property, their idea of a first property would likely be a HDB BTO or HDB resale unit.  In recent times, young people are becoming savvier in property investment.  This could be attributable to their higher income levels and also their exposure to knowledge in investment and wealth generation.  As a result, there will be a good percentage of 1-bedroom plus study units in the Clavon Unit Mix.

With the growing trend of smaller families in Singapore, the developer has also placed a higher proportion of 2-bedroom units in the Clavon Unit Mix.  These 2-bedroom layouts are ideal for young couples who are starting a family.  Being in mature housing estates such as Clementi and Ghim Moh, we can expect many young people who used to live in these estates would like to start their own families near to their parents’ homes.  The 2-bedroom units at Clavon Floor Plan is an ideal choice for young couples who are looking for their first private property at an affordable quantum.

With the choice of many good schools along Clementi Avenue 1 and the vicinity, Clavon is expected to be highly sought after by families.  Some of the renowned schools that are highly sought after by parents and students include Nan Hua High School which is located just opposite of Clavon while NUS High School of Mathematics and Science is just a minutes walk away. 

Besides these 2 high schools, there are prestigious tertiary institutions such as Singapore Polytechnic and the National University of Singapore along Dover Road and Clementi Road respectively.  The 3-bedroom units which form a significant portion of the Clavon Unit Mix is a great option for growing families as the additional bedroom offers flexibility which they may require in the future.  

In addition to having ample good schools in the Clavon Location, the development is located close to Clementi, which is one of Singapore’s oldest housing estates.  The advantage of being close to such a mature estate is that children can look forward to staying close to their elderly parents in the same neighborhood.  Within the 3-bedroom category, there are different layouts in the Clavon Unit Mix to meet the diverse needs of different families.  We can expect the premium 3-bedroom configurations in the Clavon Unit Mix to provide a more spacious living and dining area, enclosed kitchen with added utility area and additional washroom to satisfy the needs of the larger families.  

Meanwhile, the 3-bedroom units are very suitable for smaller families who may prefer the additional bedrooms over extra space in the kitchen, living, and dining area.  Due to the convenience of food delivery services, many families may be too busy to prepare meals at home.  Especially living near neighborhoods like Clementi and Ghim Moh where there are ample food choices readily available close to home, some families no longer require big kitchens anymore. 

With the availability of a child care center within Clavon Amenities, residents can choose a 3-bedroom unit without a helper’s room as working parents can make use of the child care service instead of employing a helper to look after their children while they work.

Besides the 3-bedroom units, larger families can also consider the 4-bedroom and 5-bedroom units in the Clavon Unit Mix.   These units provide ample space throughout the house so that the entire family can enjoy the comfort of living in a spacious home.  Firstly, these units will feature a much bigger living and dining area for the whole family to gather for meals and leisure. 

In addition, there will be both dry and wet kitchens in the unit to provide greater functionality and convenience.  Most of these larger configurations will include the utility room which can double up as a helper’s room or a storage room.  Furthermore, these units will consist of a backyard for the washing machine, dryer and other household items. 

So far, the largest layout in a private residence along Clementi Avenue 1 is the 4-bedroom configuration in Clement Canopy where there is an estimated 80 units of  4-bedroom which makes up to about 16% of the unit mix. Due to the limited supply, we expect the 4-bedroom in the Clavon Unit Mix to be highly sought after by families.  In addition, the 5-bedroom units in Clavon will be the first of its kind in the Clementi Avenue 1 neighborhood.  As 5-bedroom configuration is very rare, the resale value for these 5-bedders in Clavon Price is expected to be very attractive.  

Clavon Unit Mix


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